Jared Henderson

Philosophy, etc.

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I am fourth-year graduate student at the University of Connecticut and a member of the Logic Group. This fall I joined the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute as a graduate assistant. In June, after defending my dissertation, I will be joining Cycorp as an ontological engineer.

The majority of my research lies at the intersections of philosophical logic, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. Most of my research is on the nature and uses of semantic concepts, and especially truth. My dissertation is on theories of truth, and in particular deflationary and degree-theoretic conceptions of truth. These issue are the subject of the bulk of my writing.

I’m also generally interested in semantics, in particular the semantics of generics and the role of events in semantic theories, social epistemology, and skepticism.

While at UConn, I’ve taught several courses. I enjoy experimenting with pedagogy. I’ve also served as a research assistant for Jc Beall, with whom I’ve collaborated on a project in logic and analytic theology. I’m currently a research assistant for Keith Simmons; my task is to survey contemporary defenses of correspondence theories of truth.

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