Jared Henderson

Philosophy, Ontology, AI

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Outside of philosophy

While philosophy is really wonderful, I have a few other passions and projects that keep me busy.

Badlands: A Politics & Philosophy Podcast

I’m one of the collaborators on this podcast. We try to bring philosophical nuance to political discussions. We’ve been working on a series on money in politics and have recorded a number of roundtable discussions about issues such as political compromise, optics in politics, and what future generations might blame us for.


I’m an avid reader, especially of science fiction. Some of my favorite writers are Douglas Adams, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Cixin Liu. Some of my favorite novels I’ve read this year include Men at Arms, Crime & Punishment, and Vacationland.

Advocating for internet privacy

Internet privacy – the ability to browse and speak with anonymity (if we so choose), without having your personal data tracked and stored – is a big passion of mine. In my ideal world, internet privacy wouldn’t be something you have to try and maintain; it would be the default online experience. I support and donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to try to build a free, open, and anonymous internet. I’m also working on a project, Why We Need Privacy, which I hope will serve as an accessible philosophical defense of internet privacy.